This is an awards season that doesn’t have a ton of surprises so far –I think in part because I haven’t been paying a ton of attention so I have no expectations? — but it was a surprise that Youn Yuh-jung won for Minari. Everyone was so delighted by this turn of events (Olivia Colman has Hollywood’s best Thrilled For You!!! face, and she got to give a speech later for The Crowns ensemble anyway), and it appears that the Oscars’ most traditionally unpredictable category continues to be so. In the sartorial races, Glenn Close went full caftan, and we got at least one amazing suit, and one very cute dog.

As ever with these Pandemic Awards, some of these looks we can see best on Instagram:


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I love that. She looks like a chic version of The Queen of Hearts, and it’s a great example of something that feels sheer but isn’t sheer. It’s got to be a bummer for her that her big first go-round in awards season has to happen during a pandemic, but she’s really been making the most of it.

This is also very cool:


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A lot of men could not pull that off so adeptly.

[Photos: Seonaid B. Campbell via Oscar de la Renta, Shutterstock for SAG Awards, Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock for SAG Awards, Leigh Keily via Getty Images, SAGAwards2021 via Getty Images]