To the surprise of few, I think, if anyone, Catherine O’Hara took home the award for Best Actress in a TV Comedy. Riddle me this: Why doesn’t SAG do supporting actor awards for TV, when it does that category for film? I know they break TV out into comedy and drama but DON’T do that for movies, but nonetheless, there is no need to erase the work of the supporting cast. This is SAG! You’re honoring your own! You should have four times MORE categories, not fewer!

Ahem. Anyway. We have a woeful lack of full photos of these people, but luckily, we have two great ones available. First, Moira Rose herself:


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That is a superb custom Thom Browne. It embraces traces of the quirkiness Catherine put into Moira, while also being glamorous as hell.

Her TV son wore The Row:


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It’s, you know. Fine. It’s oversize. It looks like he’s about to get on his yacht for a dinner cruise.

This is a best-dressed contender:


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Brad has done a good job with Kaley for this circuit. I don’t know if we’d have loved this Prabal Gurung on an actual red carpet, or thought she looked like a beautiful flotation aid. Maybe both. I yearn for fashion drama now, though, and this served it up on a hot-pink platter with a flower that looks suspiciously as if it squirts water in your eye when you get too close.

[Photos: Shutterstock; Eugene Levy by Matt Martin for Prada]