I mean, nothing could live up to the Independent Spirit Awards of the early aughts but I think we’re all gonna be pleased when we get to the Oscars on Sunday and there’s an actual, real red carpet. I’m so tired of just seeing people’s shoulders! Although at least this time, we also got one great dog and Kathryn Hahn’s amazing back yard.

As usual, we can see some people’s entire bodies if we turn to Instagram and/or Twitter. And so I have!

First of all, Emerald Fennell is the greatest and I love her:

I just…want to be friends with you, Emerald Fennell.

This is a fun change on Renee, while still definitely being in her general wheelhouse:


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I LOVE reading about the thought process behind this (and although this corset looks uncomfortable, I trust that Vivienne Westwood has this sorted so that Elle can breathe):

This is SUCH a princess dress! I am bummed Dominique Fishback’s first really big awards season has been this weird one, but I feel confident that she’s going to get a lot of chances to do this all in person again soon. She’s been looking spectacular lately:


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I think  this is possibly very VERY good, although it’s hard to say 100% for sure from a more artsy shot like this one:


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And she won, which is exciting!



[Photos: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Film Independent, Kelly Balch/Getty Images for ABA, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Film Independent, Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Film Independent, Carey Mulligan: Photography by Gavin Batty, Julia Garner: Photography by Julian Ungaro]