This movie came out when I was a freshman in college, and just looking at all these young-ass faces takes me back. PS: I do NOT have a shot of Steve Zahn or Janeane Garofalo, because (a) people really didn’t travel as much for premieres in 1994 as they do now, when if the star of a film doesn’t show for the premiere, it’s treated like a massive scandale that probably means they disavow the project, (b) I think Zahn was off filming Crimson Tide and Janeane was off filmingĀ something because she was in four movies that came out in the next year. Just imagine them looking like themselves, as I’m sure they did. (My prediction is that Steve would have been wearing a vintage bowling shirt and Janeane would have been carrying a lunch box as a purse.)

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]