I guess TriBeCa’s film festival is where Dior decided to start pushing out what I refer to as its From Justin To Kelly collection, because who among us has forgotten the Skirt of Ties? The good news is, even with whatever flaws there are, BOTH these lades fared better than that, although admittedly clearing that bar is about as challenging as breathing. Although for me, that is very difficult today, as I have a nasty cold. The good news is that I found some Italian cold meds from when I was over there last summer; the bad news is, there are no dosage instructions to be found, so I have NO IDEA how often I can take it and so things could get extremely psychedelic around here today.

Let’s start with Tessa:

2018 Tribeca Film Festival - Little Woods - Premiere

This whole Professional Boho look totally works for me, and on her — she looks like she’s ripped from a movie in 1989 where Mary Stuart Masterson is playing her best friend — except for the damned Dior bra we see peeking through the shirt. Just let an outfit BE, for God’s sake, without surprise logos and peekaboo putrescence.

I mean:

Untogether Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018

Other than not recognizing Lola with that hair (and then thinking for a moment she might be Rumer Willis), this isn’t terrible except for the middle section that is transparent and flashing HER ENTIRE NAVEL. Just because “button” is part of its title doesn’t mean it needs to be part of your OUTFIT.

[Photos: WENN, InstarImages.com]