I really want to like this:

I like the idea of it, I like the snake, I like that she looks like this her actual personal style, like it’s something she might have actually picked out herself (which she didn’t, or at least not by herself; her brother’s Instagram gives all appropriate credits for hair and makeup and styling), which is an effect that is really difficult to nail.  I think this outfit is definitely cooler than half of the looks that people haul out for Teen Choice Awards (in the, er, Fonzie sense, rather than the temperature sense), and God knows it’s wonderful to see something unusual. I just feel like if I were her older sister — or, let’s get real, her mom — I might walk into her dressing room and tilt my head and say, “does it a belt? Or…something?” But can you name that something? I’m not sure I can, which makes me officially no help at all.

[Photo: Getty]