In the Mae Whitman post earlier this morning, I mentioned the Teen Choice Awards Traditional Sparkly Dress, because I thought her look was such a smart interpretation of what actresses so often wear to this particular event. If Mae’s look was Sparkly Dress Rebooted, then Nina is wearing a Sparkly Dress Classic:

Much as I enjoy both ice cream and froyo, I like them both. I’d argue, actually, that this dress is basically the Platonic ideal of what you wear to Teen Choice Awards when you are a 26 year old woman who was once, but is no longer, the star of a vampire soap on The CW, but who still has to attend an event celebrating it. (She and  Somerhalder won Choice TV Liplock, and she won her individual award as well, for Choice Teen Actress Show About Vampires [paraphrased].) Might as well go out with a bang, right? Now, let’s get her a great new gig; I don’t like a TV landscape without Nina Dobrev elegantly crying somewhere on it.

[Photo: Getty]