Like Nina’s, this is ALSO a shirt and top. Are we ushering out the era of the jumpsuit, and bringing in coordinated separates? Because I can hang with that; they’re MUCH gentler on the groin. Although this one is not terribly gentle on the eyes.

Laundry list alert: It’s houndstooth that got mauled by an actual hound, the pants look too short, it all seems shrunken on her, and I’m not sure about that ruffle:

Do we think it stood at attention all night, or just ran afoul of some wind? It looks like it’s afraid of her pelvis, or they just had a fight and aren’t speaking.

So, I’m pretty sure I don’t like this, full stop, period, done deal. But I also think it suffers from being at the same event as Nina Dobrev’s outfit, because it’s not as suave an execution of two-piece loudness as hers was, and therefore was probably never going to work for me by comparison. Unfortunately for Crystal, I can’t rewind and see this one first, to know how I’d have felt without the Dobrev spectre looming over it. Hasn’t anyone invented time travel YET? Come on, scientists. Dr. Emmett Brown is embarrassed for you all. Go fall over around some toilets and see what happens.

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