Portions of Fug Nation get worked up whenever I feature CRJ here, like I drove over to your house and beat you about the head with your cassingle of “Call Me Maybe.” You guys, I sing it in the shower, too. I sincerely just think it’s misguided that her record label seems, historically, to be trying to present her like a seventeen year old when she’s a grown-up woman. Doesn’t mean I think SHE is old, or that 27 is old, or that she’s the devil, or that you, dear readers, are not allowed to wear shorts to the store or anything. It just means that I think her handlers are making some bizarre choices in terms of the way they are marketing her, driven by the fact that her freakishly catchy song IS young-sounding, and those marketing choices are not sustainable and will, in fact, just get weirder if they keep going down this road. The good news is, that’s not what I’m going to be complaining about here.