In some ways, this pattern is not all that different than the one I loved on Leslie Mann. So it comes down to execution.

And call me crazy, but it’s just less effective when you look like you wallpapered an adult diaper.

Also, you’re not wrong — that IS a giant hole in her tights. Let’s take a look from the side:

Let’s detour for a moment to discuss that the shorts barely even cover the full buttock curve.  And then let’s get back on track and address the fact that the flank hole is so perfect and so rolled and so utterly without threat to the structural integrity of the rest of the tights that it MUST be deliberate, and designed, and desired… and, thus, I just dented my forehead from rapping on it with my knuckles in an attempt to compute. PEOPLE. DERELICTE WAS A JOKE. ZOOLANDER WAS NOT A DOCUMENTARY.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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