CHLOE: What’s up, Kate?

KATE: Hello. You look infuriatingly cozy, and also like you’ve just walked out of a wormhole from 1978.

CHLOE: Thanks. You look like Brenda Walsh trying to make her spring dance dress happen again. But with bonus napkins.

KATE: It’s bloody freezing. Why does no one mention the COLD?

CHLOE: Well, I mean. It’s Utah. It’s Sundance.

KATE: Yes. SUNdance.

CHLOE: You need to learn how to Google.

KATE: YOU need to learn how to donate to Goodwill, not shop there.

CHLOE: Let’s trade outfits, then. (pause) HA HA HA HA.

KATE: I can’t move but I assure you I’m laughing.

Kate looks FREAKING FANTASTIC in this, from top to toe, and I don’t know why she didn’t just wear this to the premiere. It’s not a PROM-miere, girl.

Chloe, meanwhile, kept the sunken pants, added more ruffles and a cardigan, and is only pretending to wear that coat. Use the sleeves, Chloe. If you’re THAT cold, they really will make all the difference.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]