Lots of over-the-knee boots so far at Sundance, including here on Kerry:

They are way too aggressive for me with this skirt. Which is, itself, also a problem. It’s so boxy and unflattering and This Way Lies Genitals. And while it clearly INVITES me to peek, I am skeeved out still that I am staring at her crotch region, though in fairness it’s because I’m trying to detect whether there is some fabric under there. I THINK I see some? I wish Pelvic Analysis were not QUITE so much a part of my job.

My going theory is that she packed a leather mini-dress to wear with her over-the-knee boots, and then at her hotel she took one look at herself and thought, “Whoa, dominatrix,” concluded that Anita Hill would not approve (she’s promoting the Hill/Clarence Thomas movie Confirmation), and hastily sent someone out to procure her an overskirt.

[Photo: Getty]