I seriously hate this jumpsuit on Stella McCartney SO MUCH I can’t even stand it:

I mean, first of all, GIRLFRIEND YOU ARE THE FREAKING DESIGNER OF THIS YOU COULD GET IT HEMMED TO A LENGTH THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE YOU’RE TWO STEPS AWAY FROM GETTING YOUR HEEL CAUGHT IN THE HEM OF YOUR LEFT PANT LEG, FALLING TO THE GROUND, AND CRACKING YOUR HEAD OPEN (full disclosure: that once happened to me). Phew. Okay. I feel better now that I’ve let that out. Also! In addition to the fact that it is RIDICULOUS that a designer would wear her own design without it fitting her properly — I mean, can you imagine DVF walking out of the house in, say, a wrap-dress a size too large and her boob flopping out? Because I can not — this looks like a jumpsuit they’d ask you to wear once you’ve been permanently committed to the jailhouse santitarium. Chic for making macaroni necklaces with the other inmates. OTHERWISE NOT SO MUCH.

[Photo: Getty]