SOPHIE: Hey, Bryce Dallas Howard.

JESSICA: Hey, Sansa.

SOPHIE: Technically, she’s a fictional character.

JESSICA: Technically, I’m not Bryce Dallas Howard.

SOPHIE: Are you sure?

JESSCA: I’m pretty sure. But I get it, people confuse us all the time.

SOPHIE: She has bangs.

JESSICA: Well, now I also have bangs. Bryce doesn’t OWN bangs.

SOPHIE: Doesn’t she?

JESSICA: Does she?

SOPHIE: I’m asking you.

JESSICA: I am Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain. I’m great.

SOPHIE: This IS a cute suit. I’d vote for you for Senate.

JESSICA: Can you even vote in American elections?

SOPHIE: Why not.

JESSICA: Fair. You look cute, too. Is this Louis Vuitton?

SOPHIE: I do look very cute. This is what happens when a woman FINALLY escapes goddamn Winterfell.

JESSICA: So, who ends up on the Iron Throne?

SOPHIE: I feel like no matter what happens on Sunday, Jessica, I have already won.

[Photo by Carlos Tischler/REX/Shutterstock]