Well, that is just a gorgeous textured frock on Amal, fit to perfection, and capped with a super lipstick, as is her wont. That might be my favorite thing she’s ever worn, if you also allow for the fact that my memory is basically a giant gaping pit of despair and I can only really recall a few outfits. Even so, this would surely rank near the top. It’s just that good, and Intern George is lucky for that, because she ups his game considerably. She is doing the WORK and he is just sort of trimming his beard and studying Keith Urban’s necklines to try and figure out what version of that would work for him. It’s such a shame Intern George isn’t availing himself of all the snazzy menswear that’s available right now. Remember when he just seemed so effortlessly dapper? Now he seems a little rumpled, and as if he’s trying to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am OVER IT.” I wish he’d get back under it, even just a little. I’m ready for the Re-dappering of Intern George. Aren’t they supposedly so tight with the royals now? Prince Charles has quite a pocket square game, George, and I’m sure he’d pass along a few of the rules.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]