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REBEL WILSON: I look adorable but I regret these shoes, because they make me look as if I’m floating, footless, through life.

RUBY ROSE: …wait. I thought this was my callback for Magnificent Maleficent! The Angelina Jolie Story. It’s not? DAMN IT.

BRITTANY SNOW: I also thought this was the callback for MM!TAJS but now that I know Ruby is up for the part…why bother? Anyway, I’m here. Things are fine. Yes, this is a jumpsuit.

ANNA CAMP: My dress is LOVELY and I kind of think we all look like we’re going to totally different parties.

REBEL: Yes, I’m going to a wedding shower after this.

RUBY: I thought I was up for the part of a lifetime.

BRITTANY: My life is a yawning void at the moment. I mean, what Ruby said. I mean, congrats to us all on this milestone.

ANNA: Also, four people have called me “Elizabeth Banks” tonight already. Is that a compliment?


[Photo: www.INSTARimages.com]