The Footwear News awards were last night, and I’m not sure quite why Chloe Grace Moretz attended, but: Why not! Who wouldn’t go to a party about shoes, if invited? Brooklyn Beckham certainly could not resist. Anyway, I find it intriguing that Chloe wore chokers for such a long time, and now that they’ve inched their way into the popular consciousness, she’s abandoned them. Is Chloe Grace Moretz somehow leading the trends? If so, I guess there’s a hunter green leather jacket in my future. I’m a bit skeptical of the overall outfit — the two parts don’t appear to blend that well together, and she left the jacket on for the entire evening, so it wasn’t just for warmth — but I LOVE that color and I will follow it to the ends of the Earth. Okay, maybe not if that also means the end of my bank account, but you feel me. I’ll at least flirt with it.

I’m more concerned with Brooklyn’s insistence on leaving his shirts so unbuttoned, and his pants being a bit awkward. He looks so short-waisted when he does this. Dare I say it, he looks like Simon Cowell Jr. David oughtn’t be too pleased about THAT, and nor should Brooklyn. Nor Chloe, if we’re being honest.