I need a ruling on this one, Fug Nation:

I mean, objectively, it is ridiculous to wear a dress with Smurfette on it when you are a grown woman. It is especially ridiculous when you realize that, in fact, not only is Katy Perry wearing a dress with Smurfette on it, she is wearing a dress that is cut to look just like Smurfette’s own dress in The Smurfs (never has the word “smurf” meant less to me than it does right now):

Now, admittedly, she is also PLAYING Smurfette in said Smurfs movie — which, I would like to point out, I totally do not want to see (I didn’t even like The Smurfs when I was eight years old, and this iteration looks pretty terrible) but I am sure I will be forced to watch on a plane at some point — which makes the whole thing so circularly self-referential that now my head sort of hurts.


  • This is cute. It would be weird if she wore it anywhere else, though. (36%, 6,166 Votes)
  • This is Katy Perry. OF COURSE this is what she is wearing. It would actually be cuter if she wore it somewhere totally random, though. (45%, 7,557 Votes)
  • This is ridiculous. Full stop. (19%, 3,245 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,968

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