The shoes — from her own line — seem a tad overdramatic with this, but overall, Sarah Jessica Parker looks nice in this Cynthia Rowley sundress. She is, however, putting our Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses theory to the test. Those Ray Bans, with the lens that continues thickly over the bridge of her nose, reminds me of nothing so much as the light redesign that some of the Storm Troopers got in Return of the Jedi. And, spoiler, SJP, that doesn’t go that well for them.


Also, I feel like I should note that SJP is clearly a generous person. She is carrying a book — as is her wont; she’s a big reader and even has, or had, her own imprint — and she’s doing it face out so that the cover and title are clearly visible:

Sarah Jessica Parker out and about, New York, USA - 25 Jul 2019

A celeb toting your book publicly and so very clearly is pretty much every author’s dream, so let’s shout it out: It’s Lanny, by Max Porter, and congrats to HIM. Of course, he’s also nominated for the Booker Prize, so he’s probably happy for a lot of other reasons, but still. SJP clearly knows she’s going to get papped most of the time, and going the extra mile for an author is very generous indeed.