Iggy Azalea’s career took a real nosedive. She had an album shelved in 2016 after her quick ascent, and she’s faced accusations of misappropriation and ignorace — Soraya McDonald of the Washington Post wrote about it in 2015 — and she’s accordingly been pretty absent from the red-carpet and paparazzi scene. But Iggy is now sticking a toe out there with a new album, In My Defense. Pitchfork sliced it and diced it in a review that covers a lot of what people found offensive or frustrating in her past work, and includes:

Didn’t we cancel Iggy Azalea? Maybe because of the nature of the internet, or because of the privilege that Iggy both willfully ignores and has worn as a shield throughout her career, she’s somewhat positioned for a comeback… This album could have been an opportunity to show an ounce of contrition, to own up to her mistakes and demonstrate that she has learned.

For an album so concerned about “haters,” the worst we see comes from Iggy herself. “They call me racist/Only thing I like is green and blue faces,” she sneers, managing to corrode and embarrass herself in one line. Rather than penitence, she offers only a garish caricature. Her only defense is to further offend.

That is… damning. But I didn’t listen to her before, so I’m not a qualified voice on her oeuvre. ANYWAY. She’s got outfits! Here they are.

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