Our function at Fashion Week is to spot celebrities and give you the important information like how tired they seem, whether they are wearing ill-advised jumpsuits, or shunning each other, or are incredibly hot in person (it bears repeating that we are never not floored by how good-looking Aisha Tyler is). You know us: We’re the Sitting Around Dishing With Your Girlfriends About Outfits blog, not the, “Oh my stars, sleeves made of pants are so on trend for fall” blog. But that doesn’t mean we don’t see stuff we like on the runway — or stuff we hate — so we’ve decided to proffer a grab bag of all that, beginning with this resplendent look from Duckie Brown that Jessica dubbed “Edward Cullen after escaping from the sanitarium.” We weren’t at the show, but we wish we had been — then again, we might have laughed out loud, so it’s for the best.

[Photos: Getty]