As New York City starts to open up again — enjoy it, New York! You really went through it earlier this year –Sarah Jessica Parker has popped out to her shoe store, presumably to both actually literally check on her store and its employees and also probably to remind people that she has a shoe store, and it’s open again, so come spend some feelings!

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 07, 2020

Look, I have Had Notes in my time on stuff SJP has worn but she is totally making her scarf-mask look like a chic and directional accessorizing choice rather than a requirement of the public health department and honestly, that is — and I am being 100% sincere here — a true service to the community. May she do for masks in America what she (and Pat Field) did for giant flower pins and Cosmopolitans.

[Photos: Gotham/GC Images]