First of all: If you’re looking for our¬†And Just Like That recaps, they now live at Drinks With Broads, where they go out to paid subscribers weekly! (It’s $5 a month, $50 a year in case you are wondering.) Second! The above photo truly makes me laugh. SJP looks like a fun, relaxed middle-aged woman at a low-key Hamptons house party some random July weekend, and Broderick looks like the persnickety professor who lives next door, who came over to complain about the noise. (They are technically in Sag Harbor.)

2023 Bay Street Theater Gala

This is relaxed and very breezy and fun and I appreciate that she’s still holding her drink. It’s summer! Live it up! Maybe pour it over the head of that persnickety neighbor….before, obviously, falling in love with him.

[Photos: Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images]