They are blessed in Sydney and having real, proper red carpet events — like this premiere of the Mortal Kombat movie, which is not a thing I totally knew was happening. (I don’t think the film is getting very good reviews and this is definitely an odd time to release a movie on the big screen, because it feels like if you just wait a month or so, you might actually be able to get butts in seats in theatres. But I am not in charge!) I am not familiar with Sisi and this is only her third film. She was in the 2020 Children of the Corn, which prompted this exchange on IMDb:

Wait, there is still Children of the Corn movies in actual theatres in 2020?

Yes, though this movie only had a limited theatrical release.

So I’m sure she’s excited to get to go to real, proper, red carpet event finally, and I am excited that she wore a real, proper red carpet dress. This is a delightful meringue of a gown and she looks so charming in it! May this be a good omen for us all for the rest of the summer!

[Photo: Richard Milnes/Shutterstock]