Oh, girl, this dress’s expiration date was thirty years ago.

Granted, a Dynasty remake sounds like a great idea, and you would be great in it. But don’t go writing fashion checks your agent can’t cash. Until you are lighting hate candles, leave the hideous dated Grecianwear at home.

However, you have inspired me to provide Fug Nation an important service: Here, now, is Claudia Blaisdel’s Whispered Lighting of the Hate Candles. It’s the middle of the three cliffhangers, but you’ll want to see them all — it leads off with Heather Locklear and Catherine Oxenberg having a watery catfight, and at the end, Blake throttles Alexis in a tender scene you might recognize as our Twitter avatar. You’re welcome, Fug Nation, and thank you Cassie Scerbo.

[Photo: Getty]