So, Rita’s Wikipedia reminded me that she’s actually been pretty successful in the UK — although our British readers will have to weigh in on whether that translates to her actually being famous there — but it never fails to amaze me how many INVITES she gets to things, and how many high-end items she’s given (I presume!) to wear to them. Like, the above is fairly major, but she’s just wearing it to Annabel’s, the posh British private club which I follow on Instagram because the inside is AMAZING. She certainly might have been at a flashy party there, and she also very likely is dressing for the paparazzi, but regardless, as FANTASTIC as I think it is, and I do, it’s very OTT for any event that’s not, like, the VMAs. How does she get this stuff? Who is inviting her places? What is Rita Ora in 2018?

This just makes me laugh:

Rita Ora out and about, London, UK - 19 Nov 2018

She looks FREEZING in other snaps and she probably is!  But I guess we all really do have to settle in for a chilly winter’s worth of people’s dresses sliding off them.

[Photo:  Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock]
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