Hulu greenlit a Pam & Tommy miniseries about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and their tumultuous marriage — Seth Rogen is playing the dude who stole their sex tape, which sounds about right — and the casting is… curious. Sebastian Stan, I could sort of see as Tommy, maybe. But Lily James as Pammy? She certainly nailed fun-loving in Mamma Mia 2, but Pam Anderson is a level of bombshell she hasn’t played yet. It’s like how you have Period Piece Face or Modern Face. I think you also have Baywatch Face or… Premium Cable Face. She’s the latter.

I don’t know who you DO cast, honestly. Someone on Twitter suggested Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, but I think they’re too campy and this feels like a (however potentially misguided) attempt at prestige. Also he played Tommy Lee in The Dirt and that movie WAS TERRIBLE. Unwatchably bad, and I say that as someone who made it through the whole book. I’m a little curious to see if it’s even possible to do a good Pam & Tommy series, or if it will be the Dirt — or the Liz & Dick — of Hulu. And I’m SUPER curious who is giving Lily James her career advice, and why THIS is the left turn they thought she couldn’t miss. Next, Joanne Froggatt will announce she’s playing Carmen Electra.

Who would you have put in the part? An unknown? Pammy herself? Or are you on Team Lily for this one?

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