Before we begin, I have to say that Jessica and I watched One For The Money recently — we were in the mood to see a hilariously bad movie — and oh, boy, was it a mess. Not even fun-bad; just flat-out BAD, and confusing, and therefore depressing. We literally sat there in silence and then turned on Love Ranch, so we could watch Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren be a married couple running a brothel, and I’m not kidding, it was a major step up. Heigl’s accent in that movie joins the pantheon of Fake Accents That Come And Go With Reckless Abandon (see also: Jessica Alba from Honey), and none of it makes a lick of sense. Wonder if she’s missing those Grey’s Anatomy accolades right about now.

In other news, she appears slowly to be solving the conundrum that was her haircut…

… but WHAT i going on with her lower half? Those shoes are all wrong (and possibly manure-colored?). And those dishwater tights give her Muppet legs — as in, they somehow look like exactly the same color and texture as Miss Piggy’s. This is only acceptable if you actually karate-chop someone who has wronged you and/or can ride a motorcycle through a stained-glass window without sustaining a scratch.

[Photo: WENN]