Behold! Another entry into the vaunted files of Here, Look at My Armpit covers! Although, all joking aside, I think this is a good cover and her armpit is well deployed herein. (It generally feels less pit-y when a sleeve has intervened.) It seems right to give Shiv Roy a chic suit for her cover image gamboling, and she looks very elegant and rich here — as it should be.

The interview is also quite good! There’s a lot about Succession, obviously, and this is very romantic:

Sarah Snook found love amid a global pandemic. Actor Dave Lawson was one of the friends with whom she was living while waiting to begin shooting Succession’s third season. They fell in love and got married, not in a majestic English castle the way Shiv and her husband, Tom Wambsgans, did, but in a tiny backyard ceremony, just for them. “We’re in that very fortunate and strange position,” Snook says, “to be like, ‘Well, fuck this pandemic,’ but also we wouldn’t have had this relationship if it never happened.”

Good for her! I only fell in love — again, but as if for the first time! — with Cheez-its during the pandemic.

Speaking of Succession, did you watch the premiere last night? I welcome your thoughts! (My main thought is that the ex-Mrs Kendall has an AMAZING apartment and also that Roman Roy does NOT seem older than Shiv to me. He has real Youngest Child energy. I also wish the costume folks would stop putting Shiv in so much white and khaki because I feel like that washes her out….but perhaps that’s a character choice? Maybe we’ll end the season in emerald green. I continue to love Gerri, and also wow I forgot a lot of the tiny deets from last season but I feel like the episode did a pretty good job of reminding us of who did what when. Team Cousin Greg!)

[Photographed by: Vein Tran Styled by: Carlos Mangubat Text and interview by: Rachel Dodes]