I’d like to formally congratulate Sarah Jessica Parker on being able to wear a dress made of that crinkly cellophane that fancy wine shoppes wrap around gift bottles. One error might be her not taking a long strand of colorful straw to use as a belt and really lean into the Gift Basket Couture. Perhaps she could also stick some confetti inside her bra?

In all sincerity: While this fabric DOES remind me of the corporate gift basket you might get from your town’s most organized coven of witches, she¬†also looks good in it. After all, two things can be true — and she DOES have Iconic Witch Shenanigans on her CV.

I also appreciate that she just say eff it when it came to finding a bra that actually works with this dress’s low back:

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Why pretend?

[Photos: Ian West/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Nils Jorgensen/INSTARimages.com]