Salma Hayek is incredibly beautiful, and does not need to be airbrushed, and yet here she looks as if she’s been retouched into a Hayek/Winona Ryder hybrid. Winona might not be quiiiiite the right reference there — it’s something about those big brown eyes that keeps bringing me back to her, but regardless, Salma Hayek here does not look like Salma Hayek, so much as Salma Hayek Is In A Movie That’s Flashing Back 20 Years and Doing CGI De-Aging. Weirdly, if you click into the story, it almost immediately uses a shot of her in a dress with a green ruffled neck in which she looks a lot closer to her natural self — and gorgeous — and then a bunch more with varying degrees of Photoshop. It’s very jarring. That green-neckline photo is the one I like the best, because it did not zap all the character out of her face. Salma, like Bridget Jones before you, I love you just as you are.

However, definitely DO read the story, if for no other reason than the twist at the end wherein she has adopted an owl that sometimes sleeps in her room. If you had asked me to guess her pet, “Southern white-faced owl who likes yoga” would not have made the list.

[Photographed by Charlotte Hadden; the July issue of InStyle is on newsstands June 11]