Hailey Bieber has a history of wearing very warm things over hardly anything at all, which never fails to make me laugh, because it’s such an EXTREME, all-or-nothing version of layering. It sincerely makes me laugh. This cardigan is snuggly and colorful and I like it, but if she’s THAT cold, I feel that the problem could be better solved by attempting more ACTUAL CLOTHES first. She does not HAVE to resign herself to the deployment of a bathing suit, or a tight tank and diaper-shorts, or whatever in the wide world of pelvic cling she’s sporting under there, and then bundle up in a wintry woolly hug. She could try… a skirt. Or pants. Maybe she keeps the A/C off in her house to save cash, and so she thought it was much hotter out than it turned out to be, but she didn’t have TIME to extract herself from Outfit 1.0. Let’s just… go with that. It makes my brain hurt less.

[Photo: Getty]