First of all, can we bitch about how every time Julia presents an award, she just goes up there and extemporaneously chats about whatever she feels is most important (this time, how GREAT Mark Ruffalo is, despite Ruffalo not even being there and not having a damn thing to do with the actual award she’s actually presenting)? On Twitter, Karen Alea suggested that perhaps this is because….JULIA CAN’T READ. Which would make a great movie, actually. She can play herself!

She doesn’t look terrible in this jumpsuit, though:

The hair is great, the bracelet is good, and thank GOD it’s better than THIS JUMPSUIT ON HER. I’ll allow it.

Will YOU allow it?

  • I will allow it. GRUDGINGLY. (54%, 2,786 Votes)
  • I WILL NOT. (17%, 895 Votes)
  • I don't just allow it, I EMBRACE IT. (28%, 1,444 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,125

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[Photo: INF]