I’m going to put her to a vote anyway, because Carte Blanchett demands it, but: I simply had to take a stand and say that, despite mulling it over in boring detail in my own brain, I don’t like it. And I think we’d be freaking out if Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence or Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts showed up wearing this. So while context IS important — the wearer can make or break an outfit, just as an outfit can make or break the wearer — I just can’t bring myself to think this is awesome or pretend I am in love with her sequined hanky. THERE. I said it. I’M FREE.

Share your feelings:

  • I love this no matter WHO is in it. (4%, 433 Votes)
  • Pure Carte Blanchett: I only love it because it's her. (37%, 4,279 Votes)
  • Sorry, Cate. I can't. DON'T HATE ME. (59%, 6,913 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,625

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