The other day, Tessa’s high-fashion Catwoman met Ruth in a snazzy jumpsuit, and it was delightful. Now here we are again, with Ruth in a Saint Laurent jumpsuit and Tessa sporting a neon Siriano from the same family as Leslie Jones’s. Tessa might be missing a bracelet, but I am so pleased she did keep her hat on, and Karla Welch has had fun putting Ruth in pants lately. The gloves were an unexpected but kicky touch; they don’t quite go, and improbably, that’s what makes them work? So yes, both of them look great individually, and together they just make me want to see more of them. Like, this has the vibe of a stirring and probably agonizing romantic drama about a rich young woman who has an earth-rocking sexual awakening courtesy of her new driver, and if someone wants to write that, then we could be seeing them work the awards circuit together AGAIN in two years. Come on, Barry Jenkins, come through for us.

[Photo: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]