Jennifer Garner is not somebody whose fashion I ever really think about, mostly because “fashion” doesn’t seem to interest her that much. She tends toward strapless gowns in solid colors, day dresses, and jeans; sneakers and sandals in her down time, like the rest of us mortals, and basic peep-toe heels for outings. If that’s not strictly accurate, it has to be close. So I took one look at this and APPLAUDED — sadly this photo is not as good as the one her stylist has, which is worth the click — and then wondered to myself if she’d lost a friendly bet with Ben Affleck and it meant J.Lo got to pick out her next outfit. If only J.Lo had gone WITH her to this Women in Hollywood event (herein, also, the other folks in dresses or skirts). Next year?

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]