Note: While we’re off for the Thanksgiving long weekend, we figured we’d use the time to sprinkle in some runway shows we didn’t have the time to feature during Fashion Week. 

Batsheva is a two-year old line (most recently and memorably seen on Gretchen Mol), which I’m mostly sharing here because the photos are a hoot. It wasn’t a traditional runway show; instead, it was a presentation, meaning you go to a space and the models are just standing around in the clothes, and you can get up close and squint at them. Kate Spade has had them on a rotating platform before; Marchesa once memorably put the models on their own posts, and many of them started to faint. This one, however, was at a diner, and it was cramped and messy and crazy. The pictures reflect that. The facial expressions are hilarious, it’s all very The Sloppy Side of Grease, and there are French fries all over the place. How often do you see that at Fashion Week?

[Photos: Imaxtree]