We have much to discuss this week — Harry! The Danes are on tour in Japan! There’s an AMAZING blind item about Maxima! Random royal weddings! Our mobile site works again! — so please do join us.

And if you missed it earlier this week: KATE IS BACK.


At People: QE2 is NOT doing the wreath-laying at Remembrance Day this year, she’s letting Charles do it. (She’s going to be on the balcony with Philip and the rest of the ladies.) I have two theories about this: (1) She realizes that Charles’s transition to King will be easier if people are used to seeing him do this stuff well before she shuffles off this mortal coil, and (2) She’s 91 and is probably concerned that the deep lean-over required to place a heavy wreath on the ground is going to eventually end in her ALSO tipping over onto the ground.

Related: I had to laugh at Richard Palmer’s tweet when he shared this piece he wrote for The Express: Will the Queen abdicate? As Prince Charles takes on major duty, when will he be King? The tweet essentially said, “I KNOW. I KNOW. They MADE ME WRITE IT.” (Having said that, it’s a good piece.)

This is fun, although it is quite old, at Vanity Fair: The Most Scandalous Royals: Princes and Princesses Behaving Badly

Behold the blind item I mentioned above. [Crazy Days and Nights]

The Court Jeweller has lots of good intel about the royal wedding in Serbia.

And, at People:  Harry is going to Chicago over Halloween to reunite with his best friend, Michelle. Er, I mean, go to the Obama Foundation Summit.

And on social media, loads to see including some great stuff from the archives:

The WAAC later became the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, when The Queen's Grandmother, Queen Mary, became its Patron.

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