We’ve, of course, already covered the Big Outing of the Week, AKA Kate and William at the St Patrick’s Day Parade. That event had EVERYTHING: hats! Dress uniforms! Drinking! Dogs in fabulous capes! And yet this round-up brings you MORE, from a CRAZY magazine cover for Fergie to a visit to (I am not kidding) the World’s Second Largest Teapot Museum. Yes. That is a thing.

A variety of other royal-related links you might need to read today after you flip through our little slideshow:

  • The British Phone Hacking trials first taught us that William called (calls?) Kate “babykins,” which I cannot type without giggling, and now it teaches us that Harry used to drunk dial Chelsy Davy. NO ONE IS SURPRISED. (Vanity Fair)
  • He also said Antarctica “bit [him] on the ass.” I’ll bite you on the — never mind. (E!)
  • Karl Lagerfeld thinks the Queen is “flawless.” Something about that makes me very happy. (Royals Central)
  • Speaking of, the Queen’s dresser has a new book out. The woman who dresses her, I mean. Not her chest of drawers. I heard unconfirmed reports that Angela Kelly is helping Kate put together her wardrobe for the big Oz/NZ trip that kicks off in April. Anyhoodle, the book sounds interesting, and seems to hold a lot of details about royals wardrobes and hats and jewels, all of which I know you are into. (The Court Jeweller)

[Photos: Splash, WENN, Getty]