MUCH TO DISCUSS. We covered all of this week’s DRAMAZ with William in the post that went up this morning — they handed out shamrocks, as is tradition on St Patrick’s Day — before jetting off to a weekend (work) visit to Paris.  We’ll be covering that over the weekend, so come back and keep an eye on what’s happening (as of this writing, I hadn’t gotten any further pictures in yet, but they’re coming).  We do have loads of Harry in the slideshow to ease your troubled soul, as well as a LOT of Princess Estelle, who is getting so big.

Additionally, I did not want you to go through the night without seeing this picture of Anne, although it was not in our subscription:

Elsewhere on the internet:

 I raged about some of the changes they’re making for the second season of The Crown. 

– The Guardian had a very interesting piece about what happens, logistically, when the Queen dies — which hopefully is a ways off, still! CNN had a piece about this three or four years ago; this one is more detailed, and very worth your time, even if you read the other.

– Lainey says there’s a theory currently being floated that Wills acted out this weekend because the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in August is weighing on him, especially with his trip to Paris this weekend. Bluntly: Maybe, and if so, I’m sad for him, of course — as I always have been on this subject. But I think it’s also just as likely that he’s being a prat, which also has some historical precedent.

– The Mirror SWEARS that all of Diana’s signature looks are cool again. I do appreciate a tweed blazer, but some of this is a reach.

– From Berkshire to Buckingham had a interesting op-ed on William’s recent behavior.

– I know you’ll want to read this, at Vanity Fair: Crowning Glory: The Hats of Queen Elizabeth

And in social media:

Anne looks so amused here:

I assume you want to see video of Harry hanging out w. livestock:

In fact, I have lots of video of Harry:

The Royal Family Twitter Folks, in fact, are ALL up on the video right now, which frankly I LOVE:

Sophie is in Malawi! Not sure that I love this dress?

This is VERY cool:

So is this: