Everyone does seem to be returning to in-person engagements. I guess time will tell if this is prudent.


Afua Hirsch, a British journalist and broadcaster, who is the Wallis Annenberg Chair of Journalism at USC, has pointed out on her Instagram that the iconography of the honors presented for the Order of St Michael and St George is really racist. They need to redesign those immediately. (They stopped putting other orders on ivory; they can easily do this.)

Related, this post is from 2018 but I think it’s important, and I want to thank Rani for bringing it to my attention, and I apologize for not sharing it earlier: At Al Jazeera: How Britain stole $45 trillion from India (and lied about it).

This is not directly royals-related, but we talked about it here last week due to the Meghan angle, and it seems correct to keep it here, as that comes into play in this piece as well: Monday, Lainey posted a piece called What Happened to Sasha Exeter, reflecting on a variety of topics related to Jessica Mulroney’s recent racist meltdown, including the fact that she herself works with Ben Mulroney, and the Meghan connection. I think it was very well done, and I suspect this was a very difficult needle to thread.

This is long, and interesting, from Camilla Tominey at The Telegraph: The future of The Queen: can the monarch ever rule in the same way again? (I’m not sure that I agree with all of it, but it’s interesting.)

(And apparently Andrew Morton is squawking to the Mail about a Regency, which I do not foresee but let me stress: I have been surprised before.)

On social media:

This is interesting from a historical perspective:

Edward, once again, manages to find himself in Royals Round-Up:

Anne seems pleased to be back out and about:

Things are getting weird in lockdown over in Denmark:

Not really – this is actually very sweet, and I love it as a piece of art. Google Translate let me know (sort of?) what is happening: “Earlier this year, Denmark’s 98 municipalities and the National Association of Local Authorities (KL) decided to come together for a joint gift to H.M. The Queen on the occasion of [her] 80th birthday on April 16, 2020. Children from all municipalities have been creative and contributed to the special gift consisting of one painting from each of the Danish municipalities.⁣

Pupils from third classes have interpreted and painted under the themes “Queen” and “Landmark in my municipality”, and then it was up to the individual municipality to select pictures that should be included in the gift to Her Majesty. Originally, the gift should have been shown to the Queen by two children from each municipality the day before the birthday, but the event had to be canceled due to coronavirus. At today’s celebration, a smaller number of children will be present when the Majesty sees the pictures in the Knights’ Hall at Christiansborg Castle, but all participating classes can follow a digital celebration on, among other things, the Royal House’s platforms.⁣”

I love this dress on Mary. I wish Kate would inch closer to Mary’s aesthetic. (They’re very similar but I think Mary feels a little more cosmopolitan?)

This marks their tenth anniversary and it’s a VERY romantic shot; it looks like it’s a still from a movie:

Carl Philip and Sofia also marked their anniversary with some behind-the-scenes shots:

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