Welcome back! Royals round-up is back for 2018 and — well, maybe not better than ever, but perhaps at least the same as ever?

If you were gone over the holidays, we had some coverage you might have missed!

The royals all came out for Christmas and we got our first Harry and Meghan and Kate and Wills sighting.

We looked back at the year in Kate’s wardrobe!

And we played fantasy stylist for Harry and Meghan’s wedding!

Wills and Kate AND Harry and Meghan have events next week, too, so stay tuned. I’m also getting excited for W&K’s trip to Sweden and Norway at the end of the month; it will be fun to see them interact with Victoria and Daniel, at least. (Word is still out as to who their main partners in crime will be in Norway; I assume Haakon and M-M, but nothing has been confirmed.)

Elsewhere of potential interest:

Zara and Mike are expecting a baby this summer! What great news, especially following her miscarriage last year. What a lot of joyous events are on the family calendar this year. [BBC]

Order of Splendor has great coverage of the Danish New Year celebrations, including a dress I wasn’t able to get a photo of for our slideshow, though we’ve featured it before. (And we have an Insta of it, below.)

At History: The Tragic Austrian Empress Who Was Murdered by Anarchists

Did you know that Amazon’s Alexa has a House of Windsor quiz function?!

Harry and Meghan spent New Year’s in Monaco,  ‘somewhere very private and very expensive’ per The Mirror. I’m sure Prince Albert will call People momentarily to give them the scoop.

Fun and interesting at Vulture: How The Crown Re-created Buckingham Palace Without Actually Filming There

Related: They’ve cast Helena Bonham Carter as Margaret for the next season. She seems…too old for that part right now? She’s seven years older than Olivia Colman, and 12 years older than Matthew Goode (although I suppose they’re also recasting him). I love her, but I have my doubts here. [People]

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