In which Prince Harry is sent out to look for red squirrels, as he is the closest thing the British Royal Family currently has to a red squirrel in human form; Prince William is off on a trip to Japan and China where so far he has done  LOT pointing at stuff and wearing one of my favorite coats of his, along with his traditional grass skirt and tube top (read: blue suit); a VARIETY of domesticated animals make appearances; Princess Estelle is EXTREMELY CUTE; we learn that Queen Sonja Of Norway really digs white hose; Maxima and W-A are mad cute together; and Letizia and Felipe stand next to a huge pile books.

Speaking of books: In case you missed the post last week, you can now read the first seven chapters of our forthcoming novel, The Royal We, for free! And! Goodreads is giving away 15 signed galleys, so be sure to enter if you are interested! (Unfortunately, this giveaway is for US readers only.)

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