Welcome to the Dead Zone! The week when almost all our royal friends and frenemies are off LIVING on an island somewhere/in a drafty Scottish castle while we sit at this desk and wait for the weekend to start. Mid-August is well-know to be Silly Season for royals reporters, and frankly, I’m surprised no one has reported anything overtly crazy this week (beyond Samantha Markle claiming that Thomas Markle is starting a mens’ clothing line, which is surely a bald-faced lie). The good news is, AT LEAST two people left their homes for us.

Elsewhere of potential interest:

Harry and Meghan are undertaking their first royal tour in October — mark your calendars! They’re in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Tonga from the 20-27th — and Elle has logistical deets about where they might stay. You know I love logistics!

Also at Elle: Aides Say Royal Family Created Their Thomas Markle Crisis With ‘Inept’ Handling of Situation

E! has a rather long piece up at the moment called Tangling Over Princess Diana, Camilla and Being a “Man’s Man”: Prince Charles’ Complicated Relationship With Prince Philip

At Harper’s Bazaar, wild speculation about who might attend Eugenie and Jack’s wedding.

People conveniently rounded up all the royals on Instagram.

At Hello! Princess Diana had a secret second wedding dress.

Speaking of! On social media:

I love this dress:

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it’s vaguely sexy:

This is GLAM:


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