Get ready! We’ve got Harry and haircuts and horse races waiting for you, as the wait for Baby Cambridge Two continues.

As a gentle reminder, The Royal We is currently on sale for $9.99, if you are a reader of e-books. Allow me to link you up:

- It’s a Kindle Select Pick, which means that you can get it for your Kindle here

- You can get it on iBooks here and read it on your phone or iPad.

- If you have a Nook, it’s ALSO $9.99 on Ye Old Nooke here.

- If you do your e-book-reading on Kobo, you can get it for $9.99 here.

We also have a Facebook page for the book, where you will be able to get easy updates on signings and events and whatnots, if that’s your jam.

ELSEWHERE, please enjoy the following royals-related bits and bobs: