The Queen’s speech was very soothing and relaxing to me. It’s very rare for her to address the nation — this is only the fourth time she’s done it — and it made ME feel better and I’m not even British. (The green dress — the color of spring, renewal, rebirth — felt like a lovely touch.)

Maxima did some engagements with various business people who are being affected by The Situation — caterers, truck drivers, etc:

Coronavirus outbreak, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 08 Apr 2020

That is one very empty street.

Here at GFY, we brought you TWO Royal Wedding Rewinds: One of Victoria and Daniel, and one of Chaz and Camz (whose anniversary was Thursday).

Elsewhere on the internet:

At Town & Country: This is the right thing to do and also a huge bummer for me as a lover of hats: Royal Ascot, One of Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Events, Will Be Closed to the Public This Year. Maybe we’ll do a big Best Hats of Royal Ascot slideshow!

Also at T&C, this is a good letter from Her Maj: Queen Elizabeth Says “Call to Service of Others” Has Been “at the Centre of My Life” in Touching Letter

At Tatler: What we have learnt about the interior tastes of Charles and Camilla from their lockdown photographs at Birkhall

At Vanity Fair, speaking of the Queen’s address: The Symbolic and Historical Significance of the Queen’s Turquoise Brooch

And, on social media:

This was charming and also Quarantine Wills is hot. It’s cute to see them all squashed in this frame together:

The Marshmallow Baron’s Insta is a source of joy to me. His dogs are SO BEAUTIFUL:

Anne is feeling her ascots:

Glad this photog was safe behind the coffee cups. Don’t cough on them!

I am enjoying seeing the inside of everyone’s house:

Who knows what’s happening here (well…those of you who speak Swedish!) but Carl Philip continues to be hot:

Tell me more about y’all’s chandelier: