Kudos to Elizabeth Banks for being in such great shape with a tiny wee baby at home. I know she didn’t herself give birth to the baby, but that doesn’t mean she — like many of us — didn’t want to spend the first few months of the child’s life sleeping and snacking and catching up on everything on her DVR, like, three times over. Which is how many a muffin top is made.

As for her dress, I started out afraid of it. Like, why do you WANT to look like the walking back pocket of somebody’s sensibly flared sailor pants from White House Black Market?

But in full-length, I might have come around on it.

I suspect it’s because her shoes kick ass, and I am a sucker for a well-shod person. I can’t wait until Jessica Simpson shows up around town wearing a dress made out of, like, scissors and Lego, and I decide I love it because she’s also wearing badass Loubs. What can I say? I’m predictable.

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