In which Kate once again tried to figure out what the hell to wear to a cocktail reception. For one CRAAAZY second, I thought this was a JUMPSUIT. It is not.

Saloni is a brand by a Indian designer Saloni Lodha– which makes sense, as this was a reception, per Kensington Palace, ” to meet young Indian and Bhutanese people living in the UK” prior to the kick off of W&K’s tour of India and Bhutan, which starts on Sunday, and which I will OF COURSE be covering here at length. Kate previously wore Saloni here, and there’s been a lot of speculation that she will repeat that exact dress next week, which I think is a safe bet, although I do pray that George has fed her McQueen belt to the family goat. I hope she’s just asking everyone what they think she ought to do with her hair.


I do love seeing people in traditional attire. It’s always so pretty and interesting.