Thank God we have the RETURN OF COATS! Or, technically, one coat. But it’s a cute coat. (It’s clearly a cousin of this coat. I just thought to myself, “self, you probably need a light blue coat!” SELF, YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. Get a grip.)

Per Various Sources, apparently it came out at one of these events that (a) She and Wills don’t know the gender of this baby, either (we were just talking about this in the last Kate post; I think it’s a girl, and I’m calling it now, so when I get this fifty/fifty guess right, I can gloat) and (b) apparently the kid is moving around all the time. I look forward to future events when Baby Cambridge Two and Baby Cambridge One are just flailing their limbs at each other and need to be forcibly separated.

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet, Getty]