CUBA: Ahhhh, it’s good to be Cuba. I’m dapper, I was actually probably better in Pearl Harbor than most of those people, everybody kind of misses me, and now I’m here with Uma Thurman.

ROSIE: Oh, I’m not Uma Thurman.

CUBA: … Are you sure?

ROSIE: Quite.

CUBA: REALLY? Because Uma really seems like someone who would wear a cape to pick up her new boxy paperweight.

ROSIE: Yeah, but would Uma Thurman wear a breastplate?

CUBA: Huh. You have a point there. She never wears short skirts, either.

ROSIE: So you see, I’m not her. I’m… well, I don’t remember exactly, something about Transformers 3.

CUBA: Sigh. I wanted to talk about Kill Bill 3. Now it’s not so good to be Cuba.

ROSIE: Oh, and I’m also a model.

CUBA: LIKE I SAID. It’s GOOD to be Cuba.

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